In addition to my passion with CG Architectural Visualization, I am a license architect in Argentina since 2000. I love using the 3d tools in the design process. The 3D model allows me to enhance my designs. It gives me the ability to modify and see different options, move around the space or see it with different materials quickly and easily.

I designed this house two years ago. Recently the owner asked me to design an additional garage and pool house.
This house consists in two distinct volumes. One with the private quarters for the family and the second one with a large and open great room, the dining area, the kitchen and a studio loft (used for arts and crafts) overlooking the great room. I chose to rotate this last volume looking for the best orientation. In the joint of these two wings you will find the entry of the house and on the opposite side the stairs that connect the two floors. The kitchen opens up to the dining area with a breakfast bar that allows the person who is cooking to be part of what is happening in the great room.

Designed by Marull3dStudio LLC
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